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Funeral Washing

Who Is Charged to Wash the Deceased?

People’s deaths are just as valuable as their lives. For this reason, there are many religious obligations regarding the deaths of people in our religion. Organizations that provide services during the washing of the dead and the fulfillment of these duties mediate the religious funerals of those living abroad. You can get all kinds of services, especially the washing of the deceased, from such institutions.

Thanks to our company, which provides services at this stage in our country and also continues its services abroad, you will meet your expectations about your funerals. Thanks to these services, you can quickly get the details of dead and burial transactions, which have become a serious problem, from our company. All of our employees help you by providing services under the Islamic religion.

Although it is easy to find an officer for these services in our country, it is not always possible to access death services under religious obligations in foreign countries such as Germany. At the same time, it is known as an important duty to transport the funeral with appropriate vehicles as well as the international leg of these services.

Where is the Shroud Obtained?

You can get help from our company to provide services such as shroud or sala reading. Thanks to our company, which provides services under circumcision, the demands of people living abroad and having religious expectations for funerals are met. It is also important to get these services quickly. Because, according to our religion, funerals are not kept. You can also choose us to get these services quickly, accompanied by expert religious personnel.

What Does An Undertaker Do?

A funeral undertaker, who is an important line of business during fulfillmenting religious procedures, is among our services. Besides these services, we perform burial procedures as required by the religion of Islam, with services such as prayer for the funeral, funeral prayer, or hatim.

In particular, we provide services to meet the demands of those living abroad. Our company, which provides a full-fledged religious service, serves to meet the expectations of its customers. We carry out our work for the fulfillment of all religious obligations after the transportation of the bodies and their burial.

We provide services against the wishes of people in this direction in order to receive services according to the methods required by the Islamic religion for burial procedures. Religious people usually pay attention to these issues. For this reason, there is a need for a person or persons who meet the expectations of religiously sensitive people and provide services. Thanks to our employees in this field, you can receive services to fulfill your funeral burials under religious procedures that meet your expectations.

Do We Provide Funeral Shrouding Service?

We offer many services, such as burying the corpse or performing a prayer. Besides these services, we also provide post-funeral organization services, meeting the needs of grieving families. You can also choose us for these services. You can access all our detailed information and services on our website. Especially recently, you can contact our customer service to get support at the point of providing these services to you.

What Funeral Services Are Provided?

Within funeral services, we stand out as one company that meets all the expectations of customers in terms of religion. Our company, which offers you service under religious issues in every way, also carries out studies based on customer satisfaction. You can contact us by phone to have more information about our services that meets your expectations under religious procedures.

Since the funeral should not be kept waiting, we will perform your funeral burials as quickly as possible. Sometimes funerals have to travel between countries. For this reason, our services include funeral transport services. The services of our company have come to the forefront because of the increasing needs in this area lately and people’s desire to receive these services from all religious people.

What is Funeral Halva?

In our country, some traditions are also given importance after the burial process. We provide services at the point of providing burial services for Turkish citizens living abroad according to tradition. As a company, we offer all kinds of details such as funeral halvah. You can benefit from our funeral services all over the world, together with our company, which provides the organizational services after the funeral.

Our services we offer also provide you with services from people who have religious qualifications and make you feel comfortable. You can get service with peace of mind from our company, which provides guaranteed and customer satisfaction-oriented services at the point of your funeral. Our company, which provides higher quality services than the companies serving in our country, is a company preferred by customers. You can also get support from us for all kinds of funeral services.