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Death Moment

In the event of the death of a relative, especially if it happened while you were at home, be sure to inform your family doctor. If you cannot reach this, another doctor should be called who can examine the body and produce the death certificate.

It is highly recommended that you call us at the same time so that we can stand by you with our support and knowledge.

In the event of the death of a loved one, the survivors are faced with an extraordinary situation, especially if no precaution was taken.

Many questions arise and the undertakers are left with the wishes of the deceased and all the procedures and formalities that need to be done. As your Funeral Service, Dua Cenaze takes care of all official and consular procedures as well as important and necessary formalities. In the end, we pay attention to all religious obligations and organize domestic or international burials and transport to all over the world and remove your funeral.

• Passport or identity document of the deceased

• Single or minor: birth certificate with birth certificate – sworn translation for foreigners, ie those born outside of Germany

• For those who are married, birth registration and also marriage certificate (identity registration sample)

• For widows: two documents for those who are married, as well as the death certificate of the deceased spouse

• For those who are divorced: birth certificate, marriage certificate, and also legally valid divorce certificate

• Death certificate (Leichenschauschein)

• For international transfers: Hometown address

• Membership or dues cards of associations, organizations, and organizations that provide funeral expenses, if any

If any document or paperwork is missing, contact us and Dua Cenaze will assist you immediately. With our experience, we know from which authorities to take care of the documents or how to obtain the missing ones. You can also consult us if the documents need to be translated.