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Funeral Services from Germany to Turkey

Funeral Services from Germany to Turkey

Dying is a situation as real as living. However, there is much work to be done after the fact of death. The work of bringing the bodies of people living and deceased abroad to Turkey requires following certain procedures. Companies such as the Frankfurt funeral company offer services in bringing the bodies of people who passed away in Germany to Turkey. It provides the transfer of the body to Turkey under German procedures.

It is known that Turks living in Germany live their lives in accordance with Islamic methods. The funerals of Turks who died while living in Germany should be brought to Turkey and their burial procedures should be carried out. Although the funeral owners are interested in this issue, these people may have difficulties in terms of the rules and procedures to be followed for the transfer of the body to Turkey. In such cases, a funeral company search is carried out in Germany. With the services they offer, these companies carry out all the necessary procedures for the funeral to be brought to Turkey. As the Frankfurt funeral company in Germany, we also easily solve the burial procedures in Turkish cemeteries.

Are Funeral Proceedings Held Under With the Islamic Procedure in Germany?

For Turks living in Germany, every service is offered in accordance with their beliefs. The companies that work in this field of Islamic funeral company apply all the services required for the burial of the bodies in accordance with Islamic methods in the highest quality. All of the removals of the corpse from the house, keeping it in freezer coffins and transporting it to Turkey are carried out by the Frankfurt funeral company in accordance with Islamic rules. All the processes that need to be washed and applied to the funeral are shaped by the quality work of these companies. In this way, funeral owners can get through this difficult process more easily.

How Much Are the Islamic Funeral Transport Fees?

After the death of a person living in Germany, the Frankfurt funeral company provides services for the funeral process. In such sad situations, it can be very difficult for funeral owners to think about some issues. For this reason, funeral transport companies offer services. The prices of this service vary according to the transactions made. Islamic funeral transportation fees vary according to the intensity of the process such as preparing funeral documents, cargo, coffin, washing of the body, and burial. Quality is important in this service. In order to avoid any problems during the transport, it is necessary to get service from a quality company.

What is Islamic Funeral Services?

It is obligatory in our religion to make a funeral burial under the religion of Islam. For this reason, in case of the death of Turks living abroad, the Islamic method is adopted. Companies that provide Islamic funeral services are companies that take action to bring the body to Turkey. These companies are the companies that will carry out all the procedures to bring the body from Germany to Turkey as a Frankfurt funeral company. In this area, the owner of the funeral will not have any work to do, and all the details regarding this issue will be handled by the companies that offer funeral transport services with no problems. These companies also provide services during the burial of people living abroad in the Turkish cemetery abroad.

How is Funeral Transport Made from Germany to Turkey?

It is necessary to comply with the rules set by the German government when transferring bodies from Germany to Turkey. The funeral transport to Turkey takes place within the framework of these provisions. For this reason, it is necessary to carry out the funeral transport to Turkey with the support of the Frankfurt funeral company, which knows the German laws. In this sense, it is necessary to get support from Islamic funeral companies. Those who want the body to be buried in Turkey can get services from these companies and perform a hassle-free transaction. Relatives of people who lived in Germany and died in Germany can get support from these companies. In this way, they can transport their bodies from Germany. In addition, people who want to bury the body in Germany get services from these companies to find a place in the Turkish cemetery.

What is the Islamic Funeral Fund?

It is possible for people living abroad to register with Islamic funeral funds to ensure that they are buried under Islamic methods after their death. Persons register to this fund while they are alive and pay membership fees to this fund. Thus, with the support of this fund, when their death occurs, funeral burials are carried out more easily. This fund is a good option for those who want the body to come to Turkey and be buried here. The funeral fund is an extremely high-quality and regular functioning fund. Those who participate in this fund will be registered to the fund. In this way, burials with the Frankfurt funeral company are carried out without any problems. Support is received from this fund for the smooth completion of transfers from Germany to Turkey.