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Funeral Fund

Germany funeral fund was created because the number of Turks living there was very high and after the death of the Turks, they wanted to be buried in their country. Muslims living as a minority in the countries they live in, especially in Germany, have been able to easily handle their burials through association activities for years, thanks to funeral aid associations.

Under this service, funeral owners are freed from all official procedures. By giving the necessary documents to the authorities of the institution who will carry out the funeral works, they completely hand over the follow-up of the process to them.

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Funeral Insurance Germany

Funeral insurance is the appropriation received for the fund established to transport the funerals of our citizens living abroad in Germany to our country and conducting them safely until the burial stage according to their wishes and wills.

The service area and network of this Fund, which is organized under the regulations of Germany and Turkey, has been expanded. The system is run on a very regular basis. This fund continues to do very good and regular works in a very short time.

Thanks to this Fund, which was established in Germany, as in all other European countries, to provide help in bringing the bodies of deceased citizens to their countries, many of our expatriate citizens can easily carry out their burial procedures by bringing their bodies to their countries with no problems.

In the past, this process was very slow and took a lot of time. These difficulties have led to the establishment of this Fund. Therefore, the number of donors is increasing day by day and they support the strengthening of the Fund.

Funeral Fees

Regarding funeral fees, our company follows the entire process on your behalf, from picking up the funeral to the burial, and plans the pricing according to the service it provides. We follow all the work and transactions related to the funeral on your behalf. We lighten your load by executing all funeral procedures, whether within the borders of the country or abroad.

We transport the corpse to the desired place in Turkey and Germany and perform all the duties ordered by religion before the burial. Since we are at your service 24 hours a day, you can call us at any time of the day and leave all your funeral procedures to us with peace of mind.

Funeral Fund Religious

For the funeral fund religious application, the head of the family can fill out the form online for the details of the family members. If the head of the family is 30 years or older, he/she pays the entrance donation according to the age group. After the application is made, when the entrance donation is deposited into the account, their participation in the fund will start after a 90-day waiting period.

Towards the end of the waiting period, the donor card issued in the head’s name of the family is sent. In addition, the annual expense share determined each year must be paid and thus continued as a donor to the fund.

Funeral Fund Fees

There is an annual subscription fee for the funeral fund. Person, spouse, and children can become members of the funeral fund. At the time of registration, the person and their spouse must be under the age of 55. In this way, anyone with a membership can benefit from the fund.

Children over the age of 18 cannot benefit from the Funeral Fund membership. However, if their education continues, it is possible for them to benefit until the age of 25.

For applicants over the age of 55, an additional registration fee is required for each additional year, depending on their age. If the corpse is to be buried in Germany instead of being brought to the country, all expenses are covered until the burial place.

Funeral Fund

Funeral fund started its activities in 1995 within the body of the Union of Islamic Cultural Centers. Since 2007, it has been continuing its activities independently under the name of the Islamic Cultural Centers Association.

It also carries out the transfer and burial of the corpses under religious rules and Islamic principles. Carries out the transport of the corpse to his hometown by plane and vehicle. A round-trip flight ticket is also provided so that a person can accompany the funeral.

It successfully carries out funeral transport and all related official works with its experienced staff.

Funeral Transport What is DITIB?

Funeral transport DITIB is a funeral transport assistance fund. Social Solidarity Center Association was established in line with the public interest. It provides religious and social services as per its charter. It carries out its activities with the awareness of social responsibility.

This association serves for the purpose of keeping alive and protecting the cultural values ​​and religious beliefs of the citizens of the Republic of Turkey and the citizens of the European Union countries of origin from the Republic of Turkey and the Balkan countries and Muslims of Greek origin living in Germany and having the right of residence.