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Funeral Transport

Funeral transport procedures begin with the receipt of the death certificate issued by official institutions. If the person’s death occurred at home, the death certificate is issued by the district municipality’s health affairs directorate, and if the death occurred in the hospital, by the chief physician.

In cases of a traffic accident or suspicious death, no intervention is made to the funeral without any action by the prosecutor’s office. In cases where the death certificate is not received for the funeral, no action can be taken.

Funeral transport

Funeral Transport Company

Funeral transport company, we provide local, intercity, and international funeral services. In addition, our company takes this responsibility completely from you by carrying out all your funeral transport works and transactions with VIP funeral vehicles.

Our company, which performs all funeral procedures in the country and abroad before and after the procedures in the forensic institutions, never tires you with other works with all the equipment and materials required for the funeral and takes all the steps on your behalf.

Funeral Transport Prices

Funeral transport prices may vary depending on the type of service our company provides. In general, price differences occur depending on the service option and distance. We have been serving in the sector for many years with our fully equipped and refrigerated vehicles and our expert team.

In addition, our company strives to serve perfectly in the sector in accordance with every religion and the rules of this religion and approaches people and their beliefs with great sensitivity in this regard. Another factor affecting the funeral transfer fees is whether the body to be transported will be in the city or outside the city.

In this sense, you can get more detailed information by contacting us and getting information about personalized service and pricing.

Funeral Transport Vehicle

The funeral transport vehicle is used to transport the corpses to be transported in accordance with sanitary conditions and is prepared with special coatings. Depending on the need, a refrigerated box can be applied or panel van vehicles can be used. Ghusl room, hot and cold water installation, and cooling chamber up to 4 degrees can be placed in this equipment.

Our company, which has been serving in the on-vehicle equipment sector for many years, continues to serve with funeral transport vehicles throughout the country and in many parts of the world with its expert employees.

What are the Funeral Transfer Procedures?

Funeral transport procedures vary depending on whether the death occurs at home through normal means or if it takes place in the hospital. If the death occurred at home, even if the deceased person does not have an identity card, an application should be made to the municipal health services of the district you are affiliated with by taking a population registration sample.

From here, a burial permit is obtained and the funeral and burial process begins. Then the burial place is allocated. The corpse is taken and transferred to the ghusl room. After he/she is washed and shrouded, he is transported to the mosque and then to the cemetery. In this entire process, our company performs all your funeral procedures on your behalf, both in the city and outside the city.

Funeral Transport Process

For funeral transfers, our company not only stands by the people who have lost their relatives in difficult times but also ensures that they get through this process more easily by executing all the necessary procedures, documents, and burial processes.

Our company carries out intercity funeral transport with special vehicles. We have been working in the sector for many years with our services including the collection of the corpses from home, hospital, morgues or the places where they are located, shrouding and embalming by our expert teams, providing the documents to be taken from the prosecutor’s office, municipality and competent authorities, duly burial in the cemetery and all burial cabin organizations.

We are just a phone call away from all your urgent funeral procedures. With all our refrigerated and private cabin vehicles, we continue to work with all our customers in both intercity and city funeral works.

Intercity Funeral Transport

When calculating the intercity funeral transfer fee, a calculation covering all services is planned and pricing is made. A calculation is made in the price to include all transport services, coffins, religious officials, shroud, washing, and shrouding services.

We have many services for intercity funeral transfers. Some of these are road permit documents for funeral transport, transfer of necessary documents from municipalities, notary public, state offices, morgues in funeral transport and burial procedures and burial procedures in accordance with the procedures, obtaining the death report, taking it from the house to the morgue, putting it in the coffin and laying the green cover. services such as the supply of burial materials.