Dua Cenaze

Funeral Prayer

How is the Funeral Prayer Performed?

Under the Islamic religious rules, he has duties that he expects from human beings both in this world and in the hereafter. Especially recently, people are looking for an answer to the question of how to perform the funeral prayer among young people with the weakness of their religion. Therefore, there is a need for companies that carry out the funeral procedures as required.

  • Before starting the funeral prayer, one should be pure and intent towards the qibla and towards the corpse.
  • The imam and the congregation say Allahu Akbar and tie their hands and recite “Subhaneke” with the sentence “ve celle senauk”.
  • Afterwards, without raising hands, Allahuekber is said and “Salli-Bârik” prayers are recited.
  • Takbir is said without raising the hands again.
  • Those who know the funeral prayer (Tirmidhi, Cenâiz, 38), those who do not read the “Fatiha” sura or another prayer intending to pray. (Tirmidhi, Cenaiz, 39).
  • After saying Allahu Akbar, a greeting is given. After that, the funeral prayer was completed.

Because people have moved away from religion today, they do not have religious knowledge, and especially those living abroad are very weak in this direction, it has caused difficulties in fulfilling some requirements for funeral procedures. And because of this, the need for companies for funeral procedures has increased. It is important to have information about what these services are and which organizations these services are offered to you. Our company serves you in burial procedures under Islamic conditions.

Funeral Prayer

In our country, the funeral and burial procedures carried out under the direction of the Directorate of Religious Affairs are carried out without any problems. However, there is a significant deficiency for those living abroad. Many people do not even know about the funeral prayer. For this reason, there is a need for companies that can at least perform burial procedures in terms of religion. As one of these companies, we provide services to you during the execution of burial procedures.

What Is Recited to the Dead After The Body Is Buried?

Our company offers solutions that meet the expectations of those living abroad in order to receive services during fulfillmenting these services at the same time. Our company, which offers funeral transport services besides burial procedures, fulfills the wishes of our citizens living abroad to be buried under their religious obligations. Together with our company, which offers these services to you, we provide a solution to the problem of people not worrying about burials after death, and we perform the burial under Islamic conditions. You can always contact us to get answers to questions such as what to read to the dead after the burial. After the deceased is buried, his relatives can read the suras of Yasin, Tebareke, Amenerrasulü, and Rad. While it is beneficial to recite prayers and suras to the deceased, it is more appropriate to read the Koran from start to finish.

What Goes to the Funeral Home

What goes to funeral home during a funeral? For such questions, companies with expert experience and organizational skills are needed. Our company, which meets the expectations of people in terms of religion, also provides consultancy services for the relatives of the deceased. Thanks to these services, it is possible for people’s relatives to receive services under religious values after death.

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Prayer to be Read at the Funeral Home

Our company, which meets the expectations under Islamic conditions, provides religious guidance in matters such as the prayer to be read in the funeral home, the principles of washing the funeral, and the burial of the funeral. Our company, which performs these services, fulfills all kinds of details that people demand in terms of religion. You can get these services from our company both in the country and abroad. We offer important solutions for people who do not have religious knowledge to receive guidance services. Recently, there is a great demand for religious services, especially abroad, in funeral and burial procedures. For this reason, it is a fact that the value of the services offered by our company is increasing day by day, and it is because of our service with quality service and personnel.

Funeral Prayer

In the religion of Islam, it is important to know which procedures and principles to act as well as the funeral. For this reason, our company, which offers services such as funeral prayers or shrouding, performs services with a complete understanding of religion. At the same time, it is of great importance that these services are fast in order not to keep the funeral waiting. During the provision of these services, you can review our services on our website and reach us through customer services. Our company services are offered with a focus on customer satisfaction.

Funeral Selah

In our religion, it is a duty to recite what is left behind the dead. People who have the qualifications to be imams are needed for the funeral selah to be read. Thanks to our company, you will receive service from people who are fully equipped in terms of religion. With fulfillmenting these services, the religious obligations that come to the fore in people’s lives are met.

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